Real Coach Program™ - Leadership and Communication Mastery

Life Coaching Courses are not just for professional life coaches – Our Real Coach Program™ is designed with more than just coaching in mind. At the completion of our Life Coaching Seminar you will have acquired powerful communication tools that you can apply to many areas of your life ...

Turning Potential into Reality

Want to make a Real difference in people's lives?

Looking for a career with Real appeal?

Don't just become a Life Coach ...

Become a Real Coach!

Course Outline


Accepting a situation for what it is and supporting the client to make clear decisions about what is most supportive for their life


Holding a client accountable for actions and completions that support their life


Supporting the client to recognise all of their achievements and connecting them to their potential


Understanding the sacredness of heartfelt acknowledgement and the impact on self esteem


Making healthy allowances for situations that free the client to move forward


Identifying behaviours that sabotage success and utilising tools to facilitate change

Becoming a Coach

Exploring the reasons for learning the Coaching process and cutting edge Life Skills

Behavioural Archetypes

Exploring the different behaviours of yourself and others and how that relates to a person’s identity


Understanding the impact of beliefs and the affect they have on behaviour

Blame and Shame

How blame and shame negatively impact the client’s behaviour and how to shift to a more accurate and positive reality in life

Bottom Lining

Supporting the client to see and hear the truth in a way that has them feeling empowered


How to establish, maintain and communicate healthy boundaries


The power and importance of regularly celebrating achievements, successes and results

Chunking Down

Looking at the big picture and expanding and working with the specifics to get faster results

Coaching Competencies

Competency Based Training assessment topics

Coaching Model

Topics, Philosophies, Methodologies and Tools of the Real Coach Program

Coaching Overview

Features and Benefits of Coaching

Commitment Virtues

Strategies for making commitments that are fun and exciting


Confidentiality guidelines around coaching sessions


Creating a sense of alignment between the client's logical mind, feelings and emotions


A powerful tool that makes a clear statement about your spoken words and actions


Maintaining a balance of empathy and connection with the client through healthy detachment


A proven concept that supports quality decision making for lasting results


Tools to recognise unhealthy ego and transform it into powerful presence that enhances wisdom and inspiration


Actively listening, seeing and connecting with the client while remaining objective


Learning how to determine behaviour as being supportive or unsupportive to the individual, others and the environment


Giving and receiving quality feedback that elevates the client to more success

Goal Strategies

Proven success strategies that get results


Identifying and prioritising important and meaningful goals


Recognising the power of gratitude and how it brings more harmony and success to your life


How guilt keeps the client stuck

Heart Connection

Developing trust and connection between coach and client


Embracing humility to create a supportive and safe emotional space

Ideal Life – Success Model

Proven formulas for creating an Ideal Life

Instinct and Intuition

Accessing instinct and intuition to feel emotionally confident in uncharted territory


Understanding the concept of being in or out of integrity based on personal criteria


Learning to have a healthy observation of life and explore all the possibilities without making yourself or others wrong


Understanding why people justify and how to empower them to break that pattern

Laser Communication

Hundreds of specific questions that open up the client and reveal areas for breakthroughs


Applying the coaching and communication methodologies to Leadership situations

Life Map and Life Cycles

Determining life cycles of a client and recognising the patterns that keep re-appearing

Listening Actively

Listening techniques that extract vital information from the client

Live Practical Coaching

The practical experience of face-to-face Coaching with Mentoring support

Masculine and Feminine

Harness the essence of masculine and feminine energy in each individual to experience a more balanced life

Mirror and Rapport

Strategies that quickly accelerate and intensify the coaching outcomes for the client - body language, voice and facial expressions etc.


How obligation manipulates the client


Strategies to support a client when feeling overwhelmed in life and support in taking steps to move forward


A powerful concept that addresses specific behaviour through taking ownership and responsibility


A method to ensure clarity of communication an greater understanding between coach an client

Power of Language

Building connection, rapport and trust through clear and direct communication

Probing and Challenging

Techniques used to supportively challenge the client so they perceive new realities and get a breakthrough


Identifying behaviours that lead to procrastination and changing them to create more success


Understanding the many forms and impacts of projection

Questions & Communication

Learning to ask quality questions and deliver powerful messages

Real Confidence

How to have emotional confidence in any situation

Reality Vs Illusion

Discerning what is real and what is not real

Reasons and Choice

Qualifying the client on their reasons for choices


Questions or statements that encourage the client to reflect on their own truth


Understanding the need for acceptance - responding or reacting

Responding & Reacting

Learning how to powerfully respond and be centred in the moment  as opposed to reacting and losing your balance 


Building awareness around taking ownership and activating the client's sense of personal responsibility for getting the results they desire


Dealing with righteous attitudes in coaching

Sabotaging Beliefs

Identifying and changing underlying beliefs that limit your potential


Ensuring the coach does not over-identify with the client and lose perspective


Understanding all the elements of trust and how to build trust both within a coaching session and in life


Building client confidence to express more about themselves


Getting clear on what is most important to a client and applying these values to make quality decisions


How to support the client to create a safe environment for healthy expression of negative feelings

Vision, Mission and Purpose

Achieving clarity on what the future holds, how the client chooses to live their Ideal Life and what their purpose is that gives meaning to their life



“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
Albert Einstein

What is Life Coaching?

Professional life coaches help people achieve fulfiling results in their personal and professional lives.

The coach's role is to be a catalyst - to ask questions and make observations from an independent and objective perspective to help people find clarity, find their own answers, make their own decisions and discover fresh confidence and motivation to really go for it.

The coach's job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that already exist within each individual.


Why has Life Coaching Become so Popular?

Life in the 21st century is dynamic, fast-paced and continually changing. It is our challenge to not only find our place in all of this, but to create a life for ourselves in this environment in which we can thrive rather than be tossed around by it.

Too many people don't reach their full potential - try as they might, happiness and success elude them. Unfortunately there are countless examples of unhappy people with unfulfilled lives.

More and more people are beginning to realise that choosing to work with a life coach empowers them to re-shape their lives, get results and achieve more meaningful, happy and successful outcomes in the areas of personal growth, goals and dreams, career, professional and personal relationships

With a coach as a mentor and guide, we can see more clearly the best path to take and the best way to walk that path, step-by-step. It's a team effort - coaches can see our lives objectively. They can often see ways forward that we can't see, and they are totally committed to our progress. With this support and encouragement we feel stronger and we are encouraged and feel more motivated and confident to really go for it.

Results speak for themselves.

Life coaching is gaining momentum as people get results and share with others how they achieved them.

It's not hard to see why coaching is in such high demand!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
Henry David Thoreau


Real Benefits in Becoming a Coach

  • Becoming a life coach is a dynamic and rewarding profession.
  • Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries both in Australia and around the world. In high demand, its global success proves it is here to stay as a popular, effective life enhancer.
  • Life coaches enhance the quality of their own lives while they make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Being an educator of personal growth and empowering people makes a REAL difference in people's lives - helping them discover who they really are, what they really want and how to achieve their goals.
  • Some people undertake life coach training not to become a life coach, but to enhance their personal and professional interaction with people or within their organisation.
  • Choose to work to your own schedule, part-time or full-time.

What Makes the Real Coach Program™ Unique?

Our Philosophy
As a Real Coach you work firstly on designing you own ideal life before working with others to achieve theirs. The process brings out the brilliance in you so you can bring it out in others.

We use 3D Coaching techniques to bring more insight, depth and understanding to you and your client. Unlike some other organisations that simply teach the information, we take a three-dimensional approach to immerse you in it in a multi-layered, holistic way to ensure you understand it deeply and truly live it.

To be a successful coach, it is not enough to simply plan strategies and goals with your clients. It is essential to understand how people tick - to see through to their core - and to empathise with it. This is why what we do is so advanced and so powerfully effective. We use 'cutting edge' human technology to take the process to a deeper level for a bigger impact and Real progress

Quality Training
Real Coaches are fully trained, qualified professional coaches who have completed the Real Life Design™ workshop and our comprehensive Coach Training Program - an original and authentically Australian owned and designed program.

With Real Coaching, you are protected from the risk associated with fly-by-night, quick set-up and 'me too' companies. With excellent results since 1992 in the professional coaching industry, we have earned an enviable and unrivalled reputation.

Real Education supports consistent industry-wide measures of standards and professional competency. Our program exceeds the minimum requirements set down by the global industry body, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We are also monitoring the progress of the newly formed national governing body, the Australiasian Institute of Professional Coaches Inc (AIPC).

Quality Workshops

We have a number of high quality personal development workshops that we have been conducting with great success since 1992. More are being developed. These provide a rich resource of supportive learning for coaches and coaching clients.

Many of our workshop graduates are keen to find a coach who is aligned with our Philosophy, so Real Coaches have a distinct advantage!

Choose your own pace

There is plenty of flexibility and choice with the modules in our Coach Program. The Program is run during a semester spanning seven months. The six modules can be completed in the seven months, or they can be spread out to suit you over a period of up to two years.

(Payments are only required on a module-to-module basis.)

Money back guarantee

Participate in our Program and if by the end of the first module you feel
there is no value in it for you, we will refund your payment in full.

You have nothing to lose, because at the very least, you gain enormous
personal benefit and deeply enhance your own life.

Real Founders

Principal Facilitator, Murray Masarik and his Business Partner Denise Masarik have each spent over a decade in the high gradient personal development field. Participating in, support, designing and running some of the most powerful personal growth workshops and seminars available anywhere in the world today. This, in conjunction with their personal experience as highly successful life coaches, has given both Murray and Denise valuable insight into, and a unique understanding of human behaviour and conditioning - and how these influence relationships.

The founders and driving force behind the Real Coach Program, Murray Masarik and his Business Partner Denise Masarik are gifted and highly successful facilitators and coaches who have dynamically and positively influenced the lives of thousands of people over the years. They are passionate about passing all their expertise and experience on to coaches who train with the Real Coach Program so the benefits can spread far and wide.

They are supported by dynamic team of program administrators, mentor coaches and crew team members.


Murray Masarik
Master Facilitator

In 1990, Murray was in a very different place from where he is now. He had lost his business and investments and he suffered an industrial accident that left him blinded in one eye.

It was then that Murray realised he needed to re-evaluate how he operated his life. The result was a new approach, which went off to form the foundation for the Real Life Design™ workshop. His strategies were so successful that other people noticed the difference and they wanted Murray to show them how to create the same results in their own lives.

Since that time he has conducted countless intensive workshops, where thousands of people have benefited from his program.


Denise Masarik
Master Coach

Denise is a talented and successful Master Coach and Business Woman who has invested 100 percent of her energy and passionate commitment in the the creation of Real Education, supporting individuals, couples and families to find truth and success in their lives.

She is committed to ensuring as many people as possible have the opportunity to learn these skills.

Denise is involved in the facilitation of the various workshops, seminars, courses, coaching and counselling.

Her other major excitement is enjoying the family and lifestyle that she and Murray have created, as a part of the ideal life they have designed for themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between life coaching, therapy and counselling?

A. There are three fundamental and very distinctive differences between these.

Firstly, as a life coach you are primarily focused on personal development - the current situation and future plans, whereas therapies and counsellors primarily focus on personal recovery - seeking out and treating past experiences that are impacting the now.

Secondly, life coaching is a holistic practise, integrating all aspects of your client's life. Therapists and counsellors at times tend to focus on specific issues.

Finally, coaches are focused on people's individual wants and needs, not on what is always considered appropriate, proper or normal.

Q. What is the difference between coaching, mentoring and consultancy?

A. A good example of a mentor is the tradesman / apprentice relationship, where the experienced craftsman trains a youth in a specific trade. Mentors are skilled in specific areas and use their own experience to provide answers.

While a coach's role is mainly to support the client to discover their own answers and solutions, in some circumstances and situations a coach can be in a position to offer a mentoring aspect within the support they provide.

Consultants are normally engaged to give a specific recommendation on what you should do.

Q. What is executive and business coaching?

A. This is an example of the flexibility of life coaching. Once qualified as a life coach, you can build on your existing skills and specialise in business and niche environments. These have more of an emphasis on the workplace and their effectiveness within that environment; however the benefits tend to extend to all areas of life.


What others say about the Real Coach Program™ ...

In addition to these written testimonials, we can put you in touch with graduate coaches if you
would like to have a one-to-one chat with somebody who has completed the Coach Program.

'What I learnt was not only the skills of life coaching, but massive advances in my personal growth that I never imagined would be benefits of the program.

Since completing the Coach Program 3 years ago, I have utilised the skills taught to me to dramatically alter my circumstances. I now choose to live in the Asian paradise of Phuket Island, Thailand, where I enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle while overviewing the varied interests I have created.

I believe all humans can benefit from coaching, more so if they are coached by a Real Coach graduate. The intensity and depth of training ensures the highest skill levels, matched by an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and authenticity.'

Michael Massey Real Master Coach / Executive Coach, IFP Management Pty Ltd


'I am more successful in my business, I now earn more money and work less hours since I completed the Real Coach Program™.

It seems a number of events in our lives come around on a regular basis - they are perhaps a reminder that we need to take time to reflect on whether the life we are living is aligned with our soul's purpose. I believe we spend a large part of our lives searching for inner peace and happiness, and the key is hidden not outside ourselves, but deep within our being.

Dare to believe that within you are the power and strength to achieve whatever it is your heart desires. Dare to take action because without action it will only remain a dream.'

Robert Gross Real Master Coach / Managing Director, Handybin Waste Services


'Words that come to mind are vision, direction, focus, alignment and heartfelt purpose. The skills I have gained are invaluable, enabling powerful shifts and life changing results for myself and my clients.

The Real Coach Program™ has been without a doubt the most rewarding and worthwhile investment of my time, energy and money. I recommend it to everyone. You will use these skills in every area of your life.'

Carol Armstrong Real Coach graduate / Natural Health Therapist

'The Coach Program was an excellent journey of self-development and personal growth, which has helped me to communicate effectively as a mother, friend, family, co-worker and life coach. The program has given me the tools with which I am able to develop strategies and ideas to help others to self-realisation - who they are and what they really want in life.

I find that having completed the Real workshops, I am attracting wonderful and positive opportunities and my life seems effortless compared to how it used to be.'
Tere Laharnar


Is the Real Coach Program™ for me?
Becoming a Life Coach is a dynamic and rewarding profession.

Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and around the world. In high demand, its global success proves it here to stay as a popular, effective life enhancer.

Being an educator of personal growth and empowering people makes a Real difference in people’s lives – helping them discover who they really are, what they really want and how to achieve their goals.

Imagine how powerful and rewarding it would feel to help people to unlock the door to their current and future potential and step over the threshold into a whole new experience of themselves.

As a Real Coach, you teach others the skills needed to design their life with purpose, passion, success and happiness. You discover how to inspire yourself and others to perform consistently at the highest level of excellence.

As a Real Coach, you expand your leadership capacity to inspire and empower friends, family and colleagues, as well as clients, about the many possibilities of their unique talents. You learn how to uncover their gifts, their talents and their reason for being.

Is This Life Coaching Course Just for Life Coaches?

The Real Coach Program™ is not just for coaches - it's designed with more than just coaching in mind. At the completion of the Real Coach Program™ you will have acquired another skill set that you can apply to many areas of your life...

Enhance communication and people management skills
Boost team dynamics
Motivate people to work synergistically and as an aligned team
Improve leadership skills and refine mediation skills

Expand and accelerate your business by doing more with less
Improve communication with staff and customers/clients
Enhance your profitability – maximize returns
Capitalize your business growth in changing economic times
Communication—inspires your team and further develops your leadership skills
Streamline your business efficiency

Personal Growth
Learn what inspires people to infinite possibilities
Deepen your understanding of what motivates yourself and others
Realise your true potential and turn it into reality
Become an even greater role model for yourself and your family

Personal Life Coach
Be self-employed
Work flexible hours
Have unlimited income
Become an instrument of massive change


Three Easy Steps ...
Our 3 easy steps guide can be used as a 'map' to support you in moving towards a decision to become a Real coach.

You will see that we actively encourage you to research other life coach training organisations. This is because we are convinced of the exceptional quality of our material, the high skill levels of our team and the proven results our coaches are experiencing with their clients.

1. Gather and evaluate information

  • Read this information thoroughly
  • Search the web for "life coaching" - paying particular notice of which training organisations are based in Australia and which are based overseas
  • Talk with the Real Team and those from other coaching organisations
  • Attend one of our evening information workshops
  • Speak with our certified coaches to hear what they have to say about coaching as a career, and the skills and learning they received from the Real Coach Program™
  • Determine which course offers the best value, not just the lowest cost - education is an investment

2. Decide

  • Decide if you would benefit from mastering of all areas of your life
  • Decide if your current business or career would benefit from learning these skills
  • Decide whether coaching is the profession for you
  • Decide which training organisation best fits your personal needs

3. Commit

  • Make a decision you believe will assist you in becoming the best Coach you can possibly be
  • To enrol now in the Real Coach Program™, contact the Real Team


And remember ...

We create our own circumstances.

The choices we make determine our future.

If you choose the REAL experience, it will enrich your life, draw out the greatness that's in you, illuminate your purpose and ignite your passion in a way that you have not experienced before. As a result you will be able to inspire yourself and others to perform consistently at the highest level of excellence. You will have an expanded leadership capacity to motivate and empower friends, family and colleagues about the many possibilities of their unique talents and their potential.

If getting up in the morning and going to work doesn't give you a Real thrill then it's time to take stock. If the idea of working in a profession that you feel passionate about and being rewarded for your time and knowledge has Real appeal, you can empower yourself to make it happen!

If your desire is to become a life coach you can rest assured that with the Real team and the Real Coach Program™ you have a Real advantage. Being a life coach is great ... being a Real Coach is exceptional.

Ask yourself, "How will I be remembered?"

And now, the rest is up to you ...

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