Real Coach Program™ - Life Mastery/Professional Coaching Program

Life Coaching Courses are not just for professional life coaches – Our Real Coach Program™ is designed with more than just coaching in mind. At the completion of our Life Coaching Seminar you will have acquired powerful communication tools that you can apply to many areas of your life ...

Turning Potential into Reality

With more than double the core competencies and over 65 program hours more than the current industry standard, the Real Coach Program™ is in a league of its own.

What is Life Coaching?

Professional life coaches help people achieve fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.

The coach's role is to be a catalyst - to ask questions and make observations from an independent and objective perspective to help people find clarity, find their own answers, make their own decisions and discover fresh confidence and motivation to really go for it.

The coach's job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that already exist within each individual.


Real Benefits in Becoming a Coach

  • Becoming a life coach is a dynamic and rewarding profession.
  • Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries both in Australia and around the world. In high demand, its global success proves it is here to stay as a popular, effective life enhancer.
  • Life coaches enhance the quality of their own lives while they make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Being an educator of personal growth and empowering people makes a REAL difference in people's lives - helping them discover who they really are, what they really want and how to achieve their goals.
  • Some people undertake life coach training not to become a life coach, but to enhance their personal and professional interaction with people or within their organisation.
  • Choose to work to your own schedule, part-time or full-time.

What Makes the Real Coach Program™ Unique?

The Real Coach Program™ goes far beyond industry standard to provide you with the highest level of personal and professional development. The content of the Real Coach Program™ more than doubles the coaching content of any other Coach Program on the market today. It is innovative, comprehensive and gives you what you really need to master your own life and become a transformational Life Coach!

The Real Coach Program™ is unlike any other Coach Program on offer in Australia today. It is not an online, watered down version of coaching focused more on how to run a small business rather than mastering your life and being the best Life Coach possible. It is face to face, interactive, high gradient and is designed to give you the highest quality personal growth and professional confidence possible through experiential and accelerated learning. You will be supported by a team of highly skilled, professional people, personally interacting with you to ensure that you get the most out of the Program.

At the completion of the Real Coach Program™ you will have acquired a high level skill-set that you can apply to every area of your life.

Real Education have been training Coaches and teaching Life Mastery Skills for over 14 years and the Real Coach Program™ is one of the longest standing Coach Training Schools in Australia.

Many past graduates come to the Real Coach Program™ having already completed a different Life Coaching Course, as they felt they were not equipped enough to be an effective and confident professional coach. The difference in the course content of the Real Coach Program™ compared to other Life Coaching Courses on the market today is so staggering that they could not believe how much they learned.

With more than double the core competencies and over 65 program hours more than the current industry standard, the Real Coach Program™ is in a league of its own.

And... It is offered in two sections to suit your desired outcome - Life Mastery/Proficient Coaching Certified & Life Mastery/Professional Coaching Accredited.

So, whether you are looking to Master your own life or become a Professional Life Coach, there is an option to suit you!!

We don’t teach you how to do it – we help you become it!

What will I get out of the Program?

We use the Accelerated Learning method throughout all our Modules. This is an intensive method of study which enables material to be learnt in a rapidly short time frame as well as the Experiential Learning method which allows the student to integrate all learning's, knowledge and skills by learning through practical activities and role plays & 3D Coaching ™.

You will learn & understand the importance of steps necessary to achieve results, for example, Belief Disintegration and Reintegration in your own life and as a Professional Life Coach.

The Real Coach Program™ also teaches & uses other modalities, such as Counselling, Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The student gets tools and practical development to get a high level of Life Mastery and mastery on all other Real Education Programs.

The student receives practical learning skills, by becoming a coach, not just learn about coaching.

You get the added bonus of combining personal development with professional development....

Personal Growth - Life Mastery

Learn how to inspire yourself and other's to infinite possibilities
Deepen your understanding of how to motivate yourself and others
Realize your true potential and turn it into reality
Become an even greater role model for yourself and your family
Learn how to change core belief systems in yourself and others - We create our life by our belief systems. If we believe something to be true, then it is. At the Real Coach Program™, we teach you how to discover and dismantle unsupportive beliefs and create new beliefs. This is a skill that you can not only use in coaching but in your own personal development as well.
We are the ONLY Coach Program that changes beliefs at this level!!

Professional Life Coach Be self-employed
Work flexible hours
Have unlimited income
Become an instrument of massive change
Corporate Enhance communication and people management skills
Boost team dynamics
Motivate people to work synergistically and as an aligned team
Improve leadership skills and refine mediation skills
Business Expand and accelerate your business by doing more with less
Improve communication with staff and customers/clients
Enhance your profitability – maximize returns
Capitalize your business growth in changing economic times
Communications—inspire your team and further develop your leadership skills
Streamline your business efficiency

What Programs are available?

Level 1 Program

Real Coach Program™ - Life Mastery/ Proficient Coaching Course (Certified):

You get to examine the basis of your identity, your personality and your formulas for living. We encourage and guide you to move beyond the limitations you have set yourself - the constraints you have imposed on your life and to move into a future mapped by what is possible rather than by what has been.

Level 2 Program

Real Coach Program™ - Life Mastery/Professional Coaching Course (AIRLC Accredited)

After completing the Life Mastery/Personal Coaching component, we teach you world class Coaching techniques and strategies so that you can help others along the same path that you have travelled.
The Real Coach Program™ has the capacity to transform individuals into a Professional Life Coach possessing a high standard of capability and proficiency. This high standard will create the most powerful, authentic Life Coaches who will be in popular demand.

Which Program should I chose?

The Life Mastery/Proficient Coaching Course Certified is for those wanting to gain more clarity, more understanding and more tools to create the life they want. The Life Mastery/Professional Coaching Course Accredited is for those seeking to not only master their own life but to also join one of the fastest growing and in demand industries today.

Australian Institute of Real Life Coaches Accreditation

We believe that anyone becoming a Life Coach needs to be supported to ensure that they are offering a high standard of coaching as well as maintaining Ethics and Integrity as a Coach. In order to provide our graduates with that support and guidance on Industry Standards, our Real Coach Program™ – Life Mastery/Professional Coach Course is accredited by Australian Institute of Real Life Coaches. This way our graduates can be assured that they reach a professional standard of coaching and have the confidence to begin their own coaching practice as an Accredited Life Coach. We double the Core Competencies of other Life Coaching Accreditations to ensure that you become the best coach you can be.

Core Competencies - (Based on Level 2 AIRLC Accredited Course)

With more than double the core competencies and over 65 program hours more than the current industry standard, the Real Coach Program™ is in a league of its own.

Comparative Core Competencies with ICF:

ICF Core Competencies Australian Institute of Real Life Coaches Core Competencies
1. Integrity & Ethics
1. Integrity & Ethics
(Standard ICF core competency)
2. Client & Coach Agreement
2. Client & Coach Agreement
(Standard ICF core competency)
3. ETR & Alignment
3. ETR & Alignment
(Standard ICF core competency)
4. Getting Present
4. Getting Present
(Standard ICF core competency)
5. Listening Actively
5. Listening Actively
(Standard ICF core competency)
6. Questions & Communication
6. Questions & Communication
(Standard ICF core competency)
7. Laser Phrasing
7. Laser Phrasing
(Standard ICF core competency)
8. Values & Beliefs
8. Values & Beliefs
(Standard ICF core competency)
9. Goals
9. Goals
(Standard ICF core competency)
10. Qualifying Goals & Action Steps 10. Qualifying Goals & Action Steps
(Standard ICF core competency)
11. Accountability & Responsibility 11. Accountability & Responsibility
(Standard ICF core competency)
Additional Non ICF Core Competencies:
12. Emotional Heart Connection
13. Agenda - Patterning & Intent
14. Achievements - Powerful Momentum
15. Micro Listening Skills
16. Probing & Challenging to the Truth
17. Bottom Lining to the Truth
18. Closure & Completion - Issues & Situations
19. Diffusing False Life Movies
20. Unravelling Process – Core Issues
21. 8 Commitment Virtues Structure
22. Decision Making Matrix
23. Creating an Ideal Life
24. Paraphrasing Communication
25. Tone Scale Recognition
26. Confidentiality
27. 6 Steps to Real Confidence
28. Power of Responding Vs Reacting
29. Detachment from the issues Vs enmeshment
30. Validation & Acknowledgement Structure
31. Coach Safety Procedure
32. Incident Purge Technique
33. Self Diagnostic Technique
34. Observation & Ownership Feedback
35. Holding the Space – Timing Technique
36. Live Practical Coaching
37. Procrastination Elimination Technique
38. Avoidance Elimination Technique
39. Changing Belief Systems Technique
40. Life Pattern Technique
41. Vision, Purpose, Mission – Personal & Professional
42. Coaching Preparation Model
43. Coaching Model Structure

Choose your own pace

There is plenty of flexibility and choice within the courses and modules in our Coach Program. The Program is run during a semester spanning seven months. The six modules can be completed in the seven months, or they can be spread out to suit you over a period of up to two years.

Money back guarantee

Participate in our Program and if by the end of the first module you feel
there is no value in it for you, we will refund your payment in full.

You have nothing to lose, because at the very least, you gain enormous
personal benefit and deeply enhance your own life.

Murray Masarik
Master Facilitator

Murray has spent over two decades in the high gradient personal development field – participating in, designing and running some of the most powerful workshops available anywhere in the world. This, in conjunction with his experience as a highly successful Master Coach gives him a valuable insight into, and a unique understanding of human behaviour and conditioning – and how these influence all aspects of life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Counsellor?

A Counsellor’s primary focus is solely on personal recovery and is often focused on a specific issue whereas a Life Coach focuses on holistic personal development that integrates all aspects of life, including past issues that are impacting the now and future paced development.

Finally, Life Coaches are focused on people’s individual wants and needs, not on what is always considered appropriate, proper or normal.

Q. What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Consultant?

A. Consultants are engaged to give a specific recommendation on what you should do. They are paid to give advice, solutions and answers i.e A Marketing Consultant, whereas a Life Coach supports their clients to discover their own answers and solutions based on their core truth and the desired outcome.


What others say about the Real Coach Program™ ...

“I initially started the Real Coach Program™ as a prerequisite for joining a coaching organisation, and what I did not realise till I started was that it would change my life forever.
I use the skills I learned in the coach program every single day of my life in my relationships, parenting, business, wealth creation....the list goes on. I have used the skills to create a truly amazing life that continues to grow. And yes I have used the skills I learned to create a very successful coaching business. The program is experiential, challenging and fun. It will change your life. This program is for anyone who wants to grow, expand and transform to the best that they can be.”

Malcolm Rudd
Coach and Mentor
Managing Director
Powerful Practices International

“For me, the Real Coach program™ was so much more than life-coach training. Of course it gave me skills to coach people; almost any course on the market will do that. What it did for me over six intensive months, and what sets Real Education apart, was that my life was put under the microscope and I became my own client. That process turned my world around. Since finishing Coach Program, I have gone back to uni to re-train and transition my career; I have re-connected with my children and have become a happier Mum, I have found a whole new depth of love with my partner and I have become a more empowered, authentic leader in our business. Because of the expert guidance of Murray and his team, I coach my clients from a place of genuine understanding – I’m not asking them to do anything that I haven’t done myself. I know how to recognise and deal with any unresolved issues that may come up for me and where to seek support. It has to be the most holistic life-coach training available.

If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, or if you want to step up in life and find authentic fulfilment, seriously consider Real Coach Program™, you won’t regret it.”

Jackie Harness
Life Coach
Director, Conduit Supplies Pty Ltd

"It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial for REAL Education.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Real Coach Program™ and all that it supported me to learn about myself. Whilst the objective of doing the program in the first place was to formalise my coaching qualifications for professional use in my area of speciality, it was the learnings that I took away that I could apply in my own life that I found most profound.

I was stretched, challenged, inspired, and at the end of the program, I felt complete.

I had the pleasure of completing the Real Coach Program™ with my wife Bettina. The learnings and growth we experienced both individually, as well as a couple was truly amazing.

With the clarity, conviction and tools I learnt through the RCP, I have noticed significant improvements within myself, in my relationships, in our businesses and in my capacity as a coach and mentor.

I can highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to be the best they can be, who is willing to learn, grow, and thrive in all areas of their life. "

I am happy for you to use it on the website if you feel it fits what you are looking for.”

Dr Jim Karagiannis B.App.Sc (Chiro)
Mentor and Coach
The Centre for Powerful Practices

"I skidded into the 2013 Real Coach Program™ & discovered it is Gold!
It gave me the tools & opportunities to find out who I am. The Coach Program transformed my way of communicating from indecisive & confusing to a voice that spoke with clarity, strength and purpose.

I love who I have become & the gift that has given me & other people in my life.”

Thank you REAL team."

Mandy Mott
Life Coach

“I enrolled in and completed the Real Coach Program™ with Real Education in 2013. In the previous 12 months I had completed RM1, RM2 and RLD. My wife had done the equivalent and was enrolled to do coach, and at the last minute I decided to take the journey with her. What a ride! On day one the facilitator, Murray Masarik, described the process of doing coach as being like hopping on the surgeons table, opening your body up and dissecting yourself piece by piece, and then putting it all back together! That was a pretty good description! I found the processes that I was exposed to expanded my understanding of myself, and my impact on the world around me. The processes allowed accelerated emotional growth as a individual, and gave understanding and the skills to help (coach) others. I feel the Real Coach Program™ has armed me with the tools for continued personal growth in my personal and professional life.

As a husband and a father, I have experienced rapid and amazing growth. I have gained skills through Coach that are integral to nurturing and expanding my most important relationships. Falling back into past behaviour patterns is a reality for me, but getting back on centre has been possible with the skills I acquired in 'Coach'. Having a partner who understands personal growth has been a huge advantage and support as well!

As a Chiropractor, I can now connect on a much deeper level with patients who need more than a mechanical adjustment. For the first time in my career I have been able to support the patient’s psychology in a life giving way, and help them address what may underpin their physical pain. As a result, I feel more fulfilled in my professional life. As a man, 'Coach' has given me the skills to reach my full potential. It has allowed me to experience a life I ultimately held myself back from. It has given me FREEDOM.

I have much gratitude for the lessons and the journey provided to me by Real Education.”

David Leach
Chiropractor and Life Coach

Three Easy Steps ...

1. Gather and evaluate information

  • Read this information thoroughly
  • Search the web for "life coaching" - paying particular notice of which training organisations are based in Australia and which are based overseas
  • Talk with the Real Team and those from other coaching organisations
  • Attend one of our evening information workshops
  • Speak with our graduates to hear what they have to say about coaching as a career, and the skills and learning they received from the Real Coach Program™
  • Determine which course offers the best value, not just the lowest cost - education is an investment

2. Decide

  • Decide if you would benefit from mastering of all areas of your life
  • Decide if your current business or career would benefit from learning these skills
  • Decide whether coaching is the profession for you
  • Decide which training organisation best fits your personal needs

3. Commit

  • Make a decision you believe will assist you in becoming the best Coach you can possibly be
  • To enrol now in the Real Coach Program™, contact the Real Team


And remember ...

We create our own circumstances.

The choices we make determine our future.

If you choose the REAL experience, , it will enrich your life, draw out the greatness that's in you, illuminate your purpose and ignite your passion in a way that you have not experienced before. As a result you will be able to inspire yourself and others to perform consistently at the highest level of excellence

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