40 Ways to Practice Self Love

  1. Get enough sleep – put your phone down, leave the laundry for a night, get some rest
  2. Nourish your body with healthy, delicious food – look up some tasty new recipes and have fun with them!
  3. Meditate or practice Mindfulness daily – there are phone apps that guide you through this
  4. Say “I love you” to yourself – do this in the mirror looking directly into your own eyes
  5. Light candles or burn scented oils – Rosemary is good for energizing or try Lemon for a positive mood booster
  6. Keep a gratitude journal – the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal are many and include improved physical and psychological health
  7. Pamper yourself – enjoy a “me” day
  8. Take time for self-reflection – a great way to look at how far you have come on your growth journey and get clarity on what your next steps will be
  9. Practice daily positive affirmations – the benefits include improved confidence and health
  10. Take yourself on a date – plan your dream date and spoil yourself! You deserve it!
  11. Spend time in nature – there are a multitude of health benefits to spending time outdoors in nature, plus, it’s beautiful
  12. Indulge your passions – take classes or D.I.Y
  13. Write yourself a love letter – this is good practice for those learning to love themselves and a great reminder for those who already do
  14. Surround yourself with people who treat you well – make sure your circle contains only those who are life giving and make you feel good to be around them
  15. Relax in bed with a cuppa before starting your day – jumping out of bed and franticly starting your day isn’t fun, take the time to start your day calmly
  16. Buy something you have always wanted – treat yourself!
  17. Exercise – aside from the health benefits exercise is also a great way to meet new friends, spend time in nature and enhance your mood!
  18. Say No when you want to – sometimes we say Yes when we really mean No, this is life taking behaviour. Get used to saying No when you need to
  19. Accept yourself – because you are amazing!
  20. Try something new – never stop learning, trying new things leads to new opportunities for growth and education
  21. Organize your workspace – having your space organized helps your work flow more freely
  22. Get creative – express yourself through a creative outlet such as painting, writing, photography, drawing, dance, craft etc
  23. Read a good book – a good book, a warm drink and a comfy couch is a great way to recharge your batteries
  24. Put your favourite playlist on and dance around your house – get your endorphines pumping and enhance your mood! – bonus, your kids will think you’re a bit silly, get them to join in!
  25. Dress up – “Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.” — Alber Elbaz
  26. Support a friend – helping out is a great way to feel good
  27. Smile at a stranger – it’s all about connection. A momentary connection with another human being makes you both feel good
  28. Love yourself more than you love your partner – it can be a challenge for some people to love themselves more than they love anyone else, but it is the most important thing you could ever do
  29. Put yourself first – you’re important, don’t forget that
  30. Buy yourself flowers – flowers look pretty, smell pretty and make you feel good
  31. Eat dessert – don’t deny yourself a tasty dessert if you really want it
  32. Take time for things you enjoy – don’t rush life, take the time to enjoy yourself
  33. Practice positive thinking – the physical and pyschological health benefits of positive thinking are vast
  34. Allow yourself to feel your emotions – feeling your emotions is vital to your pyschological health and often your physical health. Feel it, acknowledge it, let it pass
  35. Forgive yourself – self forgiveness is something we often deny ourselves, we hold on to our suffering. Learn to let it go, you deserve your own forgiveness
  36. Challenge yourself – challenge yourself to a fitness goal, a personal development goal, or face a fear (responsibily). If it challenges you, it’s changing you
  37. Go on an adventure – adventures are for everyone! Experience new things, make new friends, have fun!
  38. Sing loud – if you think you sound horrible, sing louder!
  39. Encourage yourself – give yourself a pep talk!
  40. Commit to personal growth – personal growth is challenging and commiting to it is the only way to get maximum results and significant life changes
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