Authenticity and Identity

Identity is your unique signature as a person. The presence and essence specific to you. It is fluid and dynamic and changes with us as we grow and expand. It is the way we define ourselves. Many things are tied into our identity and how we see ourselves, like our name, our face, even what we do for a living. There are also many factors that cause us to become inauthentic in our expression of this identity.

Our unique and personal experiences of others and the world around us alter our perception by creating reference points in our history – these can be positive or negative. Our perception changes with us as our reference points grow, influencing our Identity and Authenticity. Negative reference points create inauthenticity in our identity as a sort of survival mechanism. We adopt personas, wear masks to protect ourselves from being vulnerable.

Authenticity is the accessing and expression of our deepest level of truth. We each have a true, authentic identity that we return to bit by bit as we heal and grow.

Most people have an Identity that is partially authentic and partially inauthentic. When we are inauthentic in our Identity we exhibit what we call shadow behaviours rather than coming from On Centre.

By healing any unresolved issues, or negative reference points, that alter our perception we can become more and more authentic and on centre.

What most of us don’t realise is that Authenticity is our default setting, it just gets clouded by past wounds and unhealthy conditioning causing us to act inauthentically. The more we heal and grow, the more we move back to our original authentic way of being.

“You become who you were in the beginning by healing and letting go of the remnants of the things that changed you”


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