So You Have Awareness, Now What?

Once you become aware of a behaviour or pattern, what do you do with it?

There are many steps to Transformation. Once you become aware of a behaviour or pattern in yourself it is important to find understanding. Where did this come from? When did it begin? What has it been serving? Understanding allows acceptance. You cannot change that which you do not accept as then you are in judgement and resistance. So, understanding is the next step after awareness.

Is there any specific way to move from awareness to breakthrough in order to reach a resolution?

A breakthrough is made up of many parts. While you are working on a resolution, starting with step 1 above, try taking ownership of your behaviour and hold yourself accountable to replace it with something more on centre, more integral. That in itself will be a major breakthrough.

Can you sit in awareness without ever moving toward a resolution?

Yes – lots of people do! Because they are unwilling to let go of something, maybe a perceived injustice that was the reason they developed certain behaviours. If you cannot work through that, or more accurately choose not to, then you can sit in awareness of yourself forever and never change, totally justified in yourself because of the reason why you started this behaviour. This is very unempowered and also a covert shadow way of being.

Once you become aware of a behaviour should you seek support to unravel it further and get to the root cause or can you find resolution on your own?

Even the most evolved people, who have years of growth work under their belt need support to move through things. Sometimes even to see what they are doing- their behaviour- or why. Some things are really evident and easy to see, other things are more complex and we are more emotionally invested in them.

“Wise people always seek wise counsel”

How can you become more aware of behaviours and patterns?

The more you expose yourself to growth, the more you learn and therefore the more you see. Transformation is a wholehearted, jump all in, process. It is not for the toe-dippers!

How do you deal with having multiple behaviours/patterns come into your awareness at once?

Dichotomization!! Learn it and live it! It will help you grow faster. When you can dichotomize, pull apart patterns and behaviours to see them on their own, you can work through them faster, what you will notice though is that they will be linked. So, it is good to know that by working through one, you will create change in the others too!



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