Emotional Trauma and Physical Pain

Our emotions pathologize in our body. When we experience emotional trauma and don’t express our emotions outwardly they can show up in our bodies as physical pain, illness or disease.

In this way, our bodies store our memories even when our minds forget.

Dr Emoto found that by observing water under a microscope he could see beautiful crystals whenever the water was exposed to positive words, beautiful music, prayer etc and conversely when the water was exposed to the opposite the crystals were disfigured.

Now we know that human bodies are made up of approximately 60% water for males and 55% for females.

So, if exposure to negative words and unpleasant associations causes water crystals to become disfigured what must this exposure be doing to our bodies?

In my personal experience, having endured muscle and joint pain since childhood, along with headaches, nose bleeds, stomach ulcers, muscle and tendon injuries with no explanation (not caused through sport or impact of any kind) and a myriad of other health issues all with no explanation, no medical reason and a side dish of blatant skepticism from doctors, I have come to the opinion that my diagnosis (after almost 30 years of tests) of Fibromyalgia is little more than a label meant to soothe and placate me into taking the prescribed medication and not questioning further because they simply don’t understand the correlation between emotion and physical pain.

Over the past year, I have embarked on a journey of healing and on this journey, I have observed that whenever I resist growth I experience what is referred to in Fibro circles as a ‘flare up’. These ‘flare ups’ consist of muscle and joint stiffness and pain, headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, brain fog and fatigue.

Resisting growth causes anxiety and makes my body tighten up and draw itself in like it’s trying to protect itself. We know that the body stores memories so this is both simply and complexly, my body remembering past negative situations where I experienced the fight, flight or freeze response.

What this tells us is that we should always find ways to outwardly express our emotions so they do not store themselves in our bodies as pain and illness. Of course, we must be responsible in this expression while doing what feels best for each of us.

For those who already have a buildup of stored emotional pain there are many different types of Emotional Release Therapy and Bodywork that will help you express those stored emotions, find what works best for you, trial a few different ways if you need to. To aid the process you can also try not judging yourself and forgiving yourself often.

I, myself, attended Real Woman 1 and 2 as part of my Emotional Release Therapy and was able to release enormous amounts of stored emotional pain which has resulted in a dramatic 70% reduction of my daily pain. The tools and skills I learned at these workshops help me to understand what my body is saying and to discern what pain is caused by unexpressed emotion and how to deal with it accordingly. I believe with continued use of these tools and my ongoing personal growth, I will see the day I am free of the backlog of stored emotional pain.

– Sharree Vitnell for Real Education


Image credit – Melissa Smith Photography

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