Crew CommUNITY Summit

Real Man/Real Woman Crew CommUNITY Summit
Real Education Crew Full Day Masterclass

This event is open to all Real Woman/Man 1, 2 & 3 Crew, and any Real 2 Graduate as they are now eligible to Crew on Real 1 workshops.

We encourage everyone who wishes to Crew on Real 1 or Real 2 workshops this year to attend our Crew Full Day Masterclass – our Crew CommUNITY Summit.

This will be a valuable crew training day that will support you on our Workshops and is also a unique opportunity to connect with other crew and deeply dive into the parts of you that are in your way.

All those living remotely will be able to attend via Zoom – however as we all know the work we do is better experienced live. So if you can make it face to face, we highly recommend it. Why not make a weekend of it?! Come back to the grassroots of the Real CommUNITY and soak up some extra brother/sister time.

This is a free event where our only ask is for you to BYO meals to share (morning and afternoon tea and lunch), kicking off at Mt Mellum from 9am – 5pm.

Sunday 10th April 2022
Saturday 27th August 2022

RSVP via the link no later than the Thursday week before the event date >>

This event is not a mandatory, however your attendance is highly recommended.

Want to know more about why we hold the Crew CommUNITY Summit? If you haven’t yet, check out our video on our Crew Summit

We hope you can join us,
Hugs & Ho! RealTeam

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