Seminar Reviewer Opportunities!

Are you:

  • A Graduate of either Real Life Design of Real Relationships Seminars?
  • Not ready to join us on Crew
  • Want to continue your Personal Growth journey with Real Education?
  • Understand the importance of staying in the Growth Zone to support you in strengthening your new found inner-freedom, new healthy behaviours, patterns, beliefs?
  • Want to take us up on our Gift to you?

You are always welcome to attend that Seminar at any time over the course of the event. Sit at the back of the room and soak up new learnings… Just check out our Calendar of Events, lock in the dates and times in your diary and we’ll see you there! REMEMBER to say “Hi” to the Venue Liaison when you arrive so we can support you in the Reviewer process

Another fantastic opportunity to continue to grow through what you go through! Another Gift from Real Education to you to support you in your Event After Care.

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    Real Education began with our first ever Workshop – Real Man, in 1996. Since then, we have grown and prospered and now we deliver a wide variety of Personal Development Workshops, etc...
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