Our latest, most highly anticipated workshop is here!

Real 3 is the next level of personal development.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to truly love yourself? How to truly accept yourself and know your worth?

This transformational workshop is a follow-on from Real 2 and yet very different. You have completed the transition through your father and mother complex in Real 1 and Real 2 and now Real 3 is designed to complete your transition through your Self Relationship Complex into full Self Actualization. It is the sacred and spiritual journey into who you really are.

Your Self Relationship is the foundation of the creation of your life. The quality of your Self Relationship is defined by your level of Self Love and your level of Self Love is defined by your level of Self-Acceptance. Society delivers mixed messages about Self Worth and many people grow up believing they aren’t good enough. When your Self Relationship is in a good place you have more peace, you have more capacity, you have more of your potential in your hands and you truly understand that you are the creator of your own life and everything in it. Your emotional and spiritual depth is enhanced to the degree at which you become who you truly are and liberate yourself from your own internal cage of a limited self-perception.

Real 3 is the stripping away of all personal untruth.

If you would like to see a taste of our event, please check out our video

We purposely don’t divulge too much detail about what the workshops involve as the experience is one you can never understand until you have been a part of it yourself. If information was to be offered to you prior to either Workshop, it would significantly detract from your experience and the profound learnings.

Real 3 is a live-in workshop with accommodation and all meals provided. It is suitable for men and women aged 18 and above and is conducted over three and a half days from a Thursday evening to a Sunday evening. Completion of Real 2 is a prerequisite for enrolment into Real 3.

Discover even more of the Real You and learn how to live your life with

Real Awareness

Real Self Love

Real Ownership

Your Passport to Spiritual Mastery!

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