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Want to know more about Real 3? See what Graduates of our first ever Real 3 workshop have to say about it!


Real 3 has been the key to unlocking ‘self’.

It has allowed a light to shine within to reveal my true identity and parts of my identity that have been shadowed and locked away by circumstance and my environment. I am now able to look at this with clarity, knowing and understanding.

With this understanding, I can mobilise and move forward to live in my purpose. Fear that has held me back in the past is shifting and allowing me to become the best version of ‘self’.

“the lips of wisdom are open to the ears of understanding”

I am forever grateful! Thank you, Real Education.

“Life is a gift and we all get to play”

Alison Astone


Real 3 was a profound program for me.

I write this testimonial several weeks after attending the first ever program, having integrated, absorbed and put into action many of the things that I learnt.

I needed this amount of time to sit with the learnings, and to be able to articulate what was so impactful for me.

To say that this program was life-changing and life-saving would not be an underestimation!!

I came to real 3, with a perception of what the program would be like, having been a participant and having been a member of the Real Education Crew for many years. And whilst it was different to what I expected, it was exactly the program I needed.

To investigate and dive deeper into discovering myself, and how I have been “doing life’ was profound.  In and of itself, that would have been worth the price of registration.

The biggest breakthrough that I had though, was the realisation that my own drive, ambition and “sense of urgency” was linked in part to an unconscious sense of mortality; a feeling that I did not understand the basis or origin of.  I now understand where it came from.

Real 3 helped me piece together over 25 years of personal growth work and helped me bring meaning, and peace to my journey thus far. It has helped me bring closure to some parts of my life, and open up possibilities in others.

Since completing this program, my relationship first and foremost with myself has changed. In addition, I have had comments from my family and closest friends that they too have noticed a change in me; a sense of peace and fulfilment.

It is in business and in the area of finance, I have noticed the biggest change. Projects that I had been working on for months, with little progress, literally changed overnight. This has opened up phenomenal opportunities for us moving forward.

I wholeheartedly recommend Real 3.

Thank you, Murray and Ra for facilitating such a phenomenal program.

Jim Karagiannis


What a phenomenal experience!  I have been searching for answers about my true self for a very long time, trying to understand why certain situations in my life happen and how to completely love myself unconditionally.

Well, I got my answers and then some.

I now have such immense understanding and gratitude that everything I have experienced in my life has happened for me, to bring me to exactly where I am today. I learnt how to genially and lovingly be in my own body and mind.  I discovered why I had uncertainty about my choices and actions.

I was also able to give back the emotions; beliefs and conditioning that were not mine to hold onto.

I am not the same woman I was going to the mountain; this experience has truly impacted me in so many beautiful ways. I have come back with profound SELF LOVE and a true deep feeling of INNER PEACE.  I no longer have that constant background chatter of self-judgement and criticism, I see really clearly now how I have been holding MYSELF, hostage, all these years and I now have the love, compassion and greater understanding of myself to seek to understand not judge. To move forward with clear, authentic certainty that I AM truly on my SOUL’S PURPOSE JOURNEY.

Thank you for shining the light so that I could finally see into me.

Love and Gratitude

Deb Lobendahn


As we continue our journey of self-development and growth we chose to participate in the first ever Real 3 workshop. We have journeyed through Real 1 and 2 so we were both curious to find new learnings from the next phase.

WOW! We were not disappointed. Real 3 was very different from the other workshops and still bringing radical change and growth in a professional & nurturing environment that we are used to with Real Education workshops.

This workshop focused on self and spiritual self and finding our own soul path and purpose. We experienced many breakthroughs and were fortunate to share this workshop as a couple, which brought about a greater understanding of each other. We will be integrating this work for some time yet …!

We would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who feels the calling to delve deeper into self-awareness and self-transformation.

Life changing!!

Sue and Pete Rogers


After an 18 month break from Crew and a five-year break from being a participant, it was lovely to make my way up the mountain again for the inaugural Real 3 event.  Of course, I had the anxiety of not knowing what was in store for me on the latest roller coaster ride.  Yet with no crew role to fill it also felt like a stroll in the park.  I could just be me – no tasks, no responsibility, nobody to watch out for and time can blow out as much it likes.  It freed up so much space to allow my emotions to go where they needed.

This workshop was very different to anything Real Education has produced before.  It certainly had a flavour of earthy reality and rawness to it yet it was softer, more spiritual, more loving and brought any externalised psychology back to self.  I’ve come away feeling much more complete, settled and appreciative of me and my journey. Whether you have been away for a while, on active crew or a new Real 2 graduate I would highly recommend Real 3.  It is a beautiful completion to an amazing body of work and has filled the missing piece of Real’s jigsaw puzzle.

Thanks, Murray, Ra and Denise for bringing me home.

With love

Jackie Harness


Real 3 has given me a more visceral feeling for the Universe I live in. I received great peace in my feelings with the World I cohabitate with people, animals and plants.

I have received a greater feeling of connectedness to everything; something that has always been there, I just didn’t feel it.

It may seem strange but after Real 3 I saw an Ad on TV for Life Protection Insurance where a lady was crying over the body of her dead Husband on the front lawn of their house. The actress really “sold it” and I was deeply hit by the effect my life has and my life choices have; on the people, around me.

Thanks to the Real 3 team, office support, Crew and Participants; I now feel more confident in what I contribute to the World. (The never-ending mouse wheel we call life.)

Thank you

David R.


Thank you so much for an amazing weekend on Real 3. Such an honour and privilege to be part of the first ever workshop and I have no doubt it is going to be so successful.

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t want to come as the timing was not going to be good two weeks before the wedding! How wrong could I be! It was great and yet another jigsaw piece slotted into place. I absolutely loved bringing it back to self which of course brought me to a few “ha ha” moments and powerful ones too at times for me.

I felt that the co Facilitation was fantastic and that the contribution from all the key facilitators complimented each other with each having valuable input. Thank you, Denise, for the info on the books you recalled from, I look forward to the time I can source and read them.

Ra’s passion of the subject of spirituality shone through for me and I loved how Murray and Ra had a synchronicity of working together. For me, a fabulous workshop presented beautifully by all, great processes which lead to great realisations. I enjoyed the calmness and of course the beautiful deep rituals. For me, it was perfect timing!

Thank you, Real Education
Deb x


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