Real Coach Program FAQs

How will the Real Coach Program help me in my daily life?

You discover a lot about yourself from doing our other events and in the Real Coach Program you take that awareness and you use it for Self Mastery. Even if you have done no other work or limited work everything that is driving your thoughts, feelings and decisions is revealed and what needs to be is cleaned up and rewritten.

How will Real Coach Program help me in relationships – platonic and romantic?

Communication or miscommunication and misunderstanding are the basis of nearly all challenging relationship dynamics. RCP teaches you how to master your communication and how to interpret and clarify others.

How will Real Coach Program help me as a parent?

The previous question’s answer applies here and also you will become a better version of yourself and therefore a better parent. We can all become better role models for our kids.

How will Real Coach Program help me as an employee/employer?

You become more confident, have more clarity in yourself and learn to utilise more of your capacity.

What can I expect from the Real Coach Program?

The most comprehensive, interactive, innovative and dynamic experience of personal growth and as a bonus, you will become a great coach, able to inspire, challenge and create results in people’s lives from healing to achieving.

Is the Real Coach Program right for me if I don’t want to be a Life Coach?

Yes. A lot of people who do the Coach Program are not intending to and do not become Life Coaches. They do it for the Comprehensive and holistic growth and to learn excellent skills that benefit all aspects of their life.



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