Real Life Design is an exciting, dynamic, cutting edge, boutique style Seminar that offers experiential, life-changing learning for people who want success, direction, proven tools and strategies to design your ultimate Ideal Life.

Everyone needs direction, Real Life Design shows you your Vision, Purpose and Mission to give you the clearest and most powerful direction ever. At Real Life Design, you will get clear on what your ideal life looks like, what is stopping you from achieving it and how to bust through that.

This transformational Seminar will show you how to uncover your innate learning virtues, your latent brilliance, your gifts, your talents and your reason for being – leading to Real empowerment.

Real Life Design™ opens you up to see in your heart the amazing person you really are. Instead of living your life with beliefs that are holding you back, you will know how to create your experiences and make choices deliberately – choices that are aligned with your purpose and values. Choices that you know deep down to your very core are right for you.

Waiting for you beyond the Real Life Design™ Seminar …

  • Harnessing your personal power and being the incredible person that’s been inside you all along
  • Unleashing your potential into creative self-expression with passion and enthusiasm
  • An increased level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Knowing who you really are and trusting your intuition – your inner voice
  • Having clarity and acting decisively
  • The skills to design your life with inspiration, purpose and passion
  • Knowing the right direction for you, staying on track and confidently striding forward
  • The capacity to have better relationships with your partner, children, parents, siblings and others
  • Much greater success and happiness both personally and professionally
  • The positive influence, the changes in you will have on the lives of others

We guarantee that with experiential learning you will learn more, in less time, and you will not forget it!

While seminar style lectures and reading books can introduce you intellectually to new learnings, experiential learning immerses you in a holistic learning experience. This has proved to be far more effective as it fully captures learning in a deeper, more impactful way.

Not only does this process expose those beliefs that have been unsupportive, it also enables you to recognise those beliefs that have supported or empowered you so you can increase their positive impact on your life.

Bring Out the Brilliance in You – Step over the threshold into a whole new experience of you …

When you design your life with

Real direction and purpose

Real inspiration and passion

Real confidence and motivation

Real achievement and success

Use our 22 Dynamic Areas of My Ideal Life rating wheel to determine the areas in which you need to grow.

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    Real Education began with our first ever Workshop – Real Man, in 1996. Since then, we have grown and prospered and now we deliver a wide variety of Personal Development Workshops, etc...
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