The Real Man 1™ & Real Man 2™ Workshops are powerful, transformational workshops designed to give you great personal insight and teach you how to change your life and become more happy, whole and authentic as a man. You will also discover the power and significance of genuine male bonding – the bond of ‘brotherhood’ that has been lost to modern society. Rediscovering this is yet another highlight of your unique Real Man 1 & 2™ Workshop experiences.

In essence, the Real Man 1 & 2™ Workshops support men physically, emotionally and intellectually in living life on a more powerful, passionate and authentic level.

Our society delivers many confusing messages about what it means to be a man. Through no fault of their own, men have lost touch with the real meaning and essence of masculinity.

Many men play out the myth of false masculinity. Their identity often becomes tangled up with their profession and material success and they become obsessed with work, social status or being ‘the provider’.

A man who does not fully understand his masculinity is generally very good at pretending everything is okay. He avoids facing his problems until a crisis occurs. In crisis, he is usually reluctant to seek support and feels that he should be able to deal with it himself. When unresolved, his desperation, despair and sense of isolation can cause a great deal of suffering and even tragedy. The statistics on divorce, violence, crimes and suicide are alarming – and a clear sign that we need to approach life’s challenges in a different way.

A man’s masculinity is one of the most important ingredients in his makeup. A man needs a clear sense of his true identity and his purpose and direction in life. Without it, he eventually becomes lost, disoriented, disillusioned and cynical in a rapidly changing world. With it, he holds his passport to freedom. Real Man 1 & 2™ participants discover and embrace the freedom that is their birthright.

We purposely don’t divulge too much detail about what the workshops involve as the experience is one you can never understand until you have been a part of it yourself. If information was to be offered to you prior to either Workshop, it would significantly detract from your experience and the profound learnings.

Real Man 1 & 2™ are both live-in workshops with accommodation and all meals provided. They are suitable for men aged 18 and above and are conducted at separate times in the year, over three and a half days from a Thursday evening to a Sunday evening. Completion of Real Man 1™ is a prerequisite for enrolment into Real Man 2™.

Discover the Real You and learn how to live your life with

Real Clarity and Certainty

Real Personal Power

Real Confidence

Real Freedom and Identity

Your Passport to FREEDOM!


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