The Real Teens Program™ (formerly known as BreakFreeNOW) was previously run by a not-for-profit organisation, called the Real Teens Foundation. The Foundation has now disbanded, so since mid-October 2014, we have taken over the running of this fantastic program for teenagers.


The Real Teens Program was developed from our very successful Real Life Design™ Seminar and we customised the content to relate to teenagers in today’s changing world.

This program is designed specifically for teenagers aged 13-17 years.

The purpose of the Real Teens Program is to support and inspire all teenagers to ignite their inner brilliance, personal power and excellence; to enhance their confidence, happiness and direction; to encourage and empower teenagers to realise, claim and grow their unique special potential and seek boundless possibilities and to make the discovery process fun, energising and motivating.

A team of highly skilled and experienced men and women volunteer their time to organise and facilitate the Real Teens Workshop. In a supportive and non-judgmental environment, they encourage, challenge and guide teenagers, to discover their true direction and live their lives to the full.

Teenagers face more challenges today than ever before.  These include issues of:




peer pressure

relationships; and

the effects of mass media in their daily lives

In just 2 dynamic and exciting days you will discover:

how to unleash your real potential

get positive breakthroughs that will help you live your life to the full

the freedom of being the real you

what sabotages your success and how to change it

confidence, resilience and self-belief

the tools and life skills to be happy

clarity, direction and vision


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