Heal Future Generations

When we heal ourselves we heal the generations that come after us.

Our young people need us to heal. They need us to show them a better way. They are struggling, floundering in the toxic society we have built for them.

Tween boys are working out in the pursuit of the perfect male body, feeling inadequate and pressured to take harmful substances to increase their size not knowing the impact on their developing bodies and minds.

Boys as young as 13 are demanding nude photos from their female classmates. Oral sex is common and often happens before some teens first kiss. Consent is a misunderstood word that no-one talks about with their teens. Girls aren’t being taught boundaries and boys aren’t being taught appropriate behaviour towards girls.

Lack of healthy role models and a shrinking away from teaching teens the realities of sex, along with unrestricted internet access to porn, and 18+ TV shows has given teens an unrealistic and toxic sex education.

Girls with low self-esteem and low self-worth starve themselves and agree to anything boys want in order to be liked, to feel valued, to feel wanted.

The Instagram generation sees sponsored accounts with models posing in staged lives and compares it to their real life, desperately trying to catch up, constantly living in a world of twisted reality.

Movies show graphic, violent images of women being abused and raped but no-one bats an eyelid. We are so desensitised to violence against women on our screens and in our communities. The statistics on violence against women are staggering, and violence against men has been viewed as a myth, slowly coming to light.

TV shows and movies with scenes of blood-soaked men ripping each other apart are glorified and idolised by society at large.

Young men out for a fun night with mates are set upon and “king hit” and die in our streets.

Boys are taught that real men don’t have feelings. Real men aren’t pussies, “Harden up, mate! have a cup of concrete!”

Our children need us to heal. Our children need us to teach them how to love themselves and why it is so important. Show them the way out of this toxic quagmire and into a future free from sexism, violence, fear, self-judgment, self-hatred, oppression and toxicity, into a future of equality, safety, honour, integrity, acceptance and self-love.

When we grow, when we heal our own wounds, when we face our own fears and slay our own dragons, when we learn to love and accept ourselves wholly, as we are, with nothing else, with no attachment, with no need for outside validation, when we know ourselves and trust ourselves and act with integrity and discernment, that is when we begin to role model the way of being we need to heal the generations to come.

At Real Education we support your healing, we give you the tools to become your authentic self, to embody your highest self. We show you the way.

Move beyond blame and shame and into the revolution of the future.



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{ Jun 20, 2017 - 08:06:46 }

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Darcy O Brien
{ Nov 11, 2017 - 06:11:03 }

Hello, I’m interested in the real man session in December
Thanks Darcy

Tess Brooks
{ May 4, 2019 - 10:05:38 }

I recently became aware of your programs ( via the Clifford family) and interested to learn more.
I work in the field of education and wondering if you provide services to schools?
No urgency but keen to hear more. Tess

{ May 23, 2019 - 10:05:23 }

Hi Tess, thankyou for your message. We do have a Real Teens Program, that if schools are interested we offer it to either the school, or a class. Please give us a call on 07 3348 5888 and we are happy to discuss this further with you. Kind Regards, Jo Wait Real Education

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