How Honest are You?

Honesty is a complex thing. Most people are not completely honest most of the time. We have a way of altering our truth, even by the smallest of degrees for many and varied reasons. The person we are consistently the least honest with is ourselves.

We alter, we twist, we deny to alleviate us from the painful, shameful or even inconvenient real truth. To be totally honest with ourselves all of the time would drive us to change and change can be the most terrifying thing for people.

Change means that the landscape of our lives would look different and the unfamiliar terrain would be hard to navigate or let’s face it, more truthfully, it would be harder for us to feel in control of our lives if parts of it were brand new again. We get so comfortable in the familiar that we lack the conviction of our grievances of soul.

The yearning to be more, do more, feel more, experience more, give more all become muted in the fear of change, the fear of completely and honestly acknowledging the truth of how we feel and then following that truth, deliberately and consciously changing our way of being to align with that truth.

This is the deepest failing of our higher purpose, our Soul Lesson, our reason for being where we give over to our Shadow Ego and distract ourselves with drama, excuses and convincing justifications of why we are not living honestly, fully, whole heartedly. The saying that ‘For our world to change, we must change first’ is truly the path to radical freedom and our own gut-wrenching, ego-destroying, heart-centered honesty is the key to finding it.

X Ra (some musings from Real 3!)

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