Radical Change

Radical change is unavoidable but to the many people who don’t like change it is a nightmare, they fear it, they fear the uncertainty, the “not knowing” what could happen, the loss of the illusion of control.

But the world is changing, technology is changing at an exponential rate all around us, every moment of our lives. This very planet that we live on is in a constant state of change, as are all of the life forms on it. Take for instance, the Monarch Butterfly whose life cycle changes from egg to adult in the span of only one month.

We have to change psychologically and emotionally to keep up with the rate of change going on around us.

I was asked a profound question recently, “How much should we change? How much expansion do we need to change at the speed of change?” Well, there is no measurement out there, there is just travelling at the speed of life and keeping up.

Have you ever heard the more traditional people say things promoting gradual change? Things like, “All in good time”. Those people only experienced 1 cycle of change per year at the age of 15 compared to the 6 cycles of change per year that children today experience.

Society has suffered dearly from leaders who have experienced gradual change, we’ve suffered in the health industry from gradual change, and the environment is suffering from gradual change. Could you imagine if we had radical change and no more carbon emissions? No more use of fossil fuels? If the solar caps regenerated back to normality?

We are at a tipping point.

I believe that right now we are faced with embracing radical change, one of the sayings I like to use in our office is “and change, and change, and change”. Because change is not only normal, it is essential.

What we do at our events, all our work is to create the most radical change in four days that we can, this is a life changing experience. The process work and how we do things is completely radical and changes people at an extremely deep level.

We provide a platform for people to find and create radical freedom in their own lives and the lives of those they are connected with.

Embracing change is like breathing air, get used to it. It’s the only way to be.


– Murray Masarik

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