Extenuating Circumstances Enrolment Terms & Conditions Policy

Impacts on Real Education as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, and how we will manage them.

On 11 March 2020 the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of coronavirus as a Global Pandemic.
In response, Real Education is providing the following Extenuating Circumstances Policy.

This Extenuating Circumstances Policy explains how transfers requests for or cancellations will be handled during the time Real Education is impacted as a result of Covid19 Pandemic, due to:-

1. Unforeseen circumstances outside your/our control (not limited to Lockdowns, Travel Restrictions, Border Closures) that either: –

A) prevent Real Education from holding the event of the scheduled date; or
B) prevent you from attending the event as scheduled;

2. Any personal circumstances that arise for you before the event date that you determine prevent you from attending;

Policy Commencement Date:
This Policy comes into full effect as of 15th March 2020.

Terms of the Policy:

Duration:   This Policy applies to enrolments into any and all of Real Education’s events while Real Education is impacted by the Covid19 Global Pandemic.

Enrolment Standard Terms & Conditions & other Agreements:  
This Policy includes the terms and conditions contained in our:-

1.  Enrolment Standard Terms & Conditions,
2.  Medical & Activity Agreements; and
3.  Event Agreement

and form part of this Extenuating Circumstances Policy, and any reference to the word “Policy” and/or “Agreement” also includes the Policies and Agreements contained herein.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms, the terms and conditions set out herein shall prevail.

Where Real Education is unable to hold an event on the published dates:-

Reschedule Dates:
Where Real Education Accelerated Learning is unable to secure a venue to hold the/any of our events on the
scheduled dates (not limited to Authority mandates) where we may be forced to reschedule some or all of our events to suitable dates.

Enrolment Monies Paid:
Anyone enrolled into a Real Education Workshop, Seminar or Program that is rescheduled will receive a credit and retain the full value of their enrolment. 

The credit will be valid for booking into the same event or other Real Education event within 12 months from the original event start date. 

Balance Monies Owing:
We appreciate at this uncertain time most people are experiencing uncertainty.  We wish to reassure those of you who have enrolled under the Deposit Option or Payment Plan Pricing into any of our upcoming events that we may be forced to reschedule, that the due date for payments of your balance enrolment fee:-

For Deposit Option will remain “2 weeks before the event start date.” 
Therefore, the date for payment for any event if rescheduled would be extended from the original advertised date to whatever date is 2 weeks before the rescheduled event date. 

Similarly, for Payment Plans, the first installment will not be due for payment until 1 month after the rescheduled event date.

Credit Period:
If you are unable to attend the rescheduled event, Real Education will honour a transfer to that same event within 12 months from the original event date, including events the following, which may not be scheduled at the time the decision to reschedule an event, or your decision to transfer.

Transfer Fees:
Where Real Education reschedule an event:
All Transfer Fees will be waived for enrolments that are required to be transferred to the rescheduled event date.

Where the Participant is unable to attend an event due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown or Border Closures/Restrictions:
All Transfer Fees will be waived for enrolments that are required to be transferred to the next event date.

Where the Participant is unable to attend the event which they are enrolled into due to personal reasons not relating to Lockdown or Border Closures/Restrictions:
Where the Participant/Enrollee instructs to transfer their enrolment to the next event of the same event, or transfer to another Real Education event, the enrolment will be transferred to the Participants preferred event or date (which is no longer than 12 months from the original event date) and Real Education’s usual Transfer Fees as set out in the Enrolment Terms & Conditions will apply.

The transfer will not be processed until payment of the Transfer Fee has been received, and in the event the transfer isn’t processed prior to original event commencement date the Enrolment Fee for the original event will be deemed for due and owing and all monies paid will be forfeited. In order to avoid forfeiture of any monies paid we recommend the Transfer Fees be paid prior to the original event commencement date so the process can be imminently completed.

In alignment with Australian Consumer Laws where a Business is affected by restrictions and bans Real Education is unable to provide any Client with a full or partial refund during the time which Real Education is impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Real Education acknowledges that our Extenuating Circumstances Policy is in alignment with Australian Consumer Laws, and we ask for your understanding that at these uncertain times Real Education simply cannot offer refunds due to these extenuating circumstances.

Real Education reserves the right, in their absolute discretion, to renew or change Policy conditions at any period during the term of this Policy and without notice to prospective customers or customers enrolled into any of our upcoming events. 

Therefore please monitor this page for updates.

Real Education’s Assurance to their Customers
Real Education wishes to reassure their Customers it is our intention to conduct our scheduled events throughout our Calendar Year where we are lawfully permitted and/or able.  We will employ our best efforts to keep all Customers of any changes that we need to make on an ongoing basis.

We wish to reassure our Customers that during these unprecedented times we are on a daily basis adjusting our services and policy’s in alignment with the Australian Consumer Laws, Governments Covid-19 Regulations, Guidelines, Restrictions & Bans.

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