Covid19 Financial Hardship Sponsorship

Real Education is currently offering several Financial Hardship Sponsorship’s of up to $300 to eligable Participants. Application for Financial Hardship is contained in the online Enrolment Form.

*Conditions Apply Subject to approval REAL Education is offering Financial Hardship Sponsorship of up to $300 off into any of Real Educations event held in 2020 and/or 2021. 
Any person experiencing financial hardship as a result of the Covid19 restrictions can apply in writing to Real Education to be considered for a Sponsorship. The Covid19 Financial Hardship Sponsorship is an additional up to $300 off* the current Global Prices for either Workshops or Seminars. Subject to Real Education’s approval Financial Hardship is available to limited Participants when enrolling into Workshop in 2020 or 2021: 1. $300 under Pay if Full option; 2. $200 under Deposit Option; and 3. $100 under Payment Plan option; and when Participant enrolls into Seminars in 2020 or 2021: 1. $150 under Pay if Full option, 2. $100 under Deposit Option; and $50 under Payment Plan option.  Subject to approval the Sponsorship may be accepted in conjunction with any other Real Education offers that the Participant may be entitled too, not limited to Grad Referrer Discount or Multi Package Deal Offers.  The Sponsorship is only valid once per participant per event, is non-transferable to any 3rd Person or other event, and any request for consideration is at Real Education’s discretion.  The Sponsorship is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.     Real Education’s offer to provide sponsorship as at the sole discretion and their offer can be withdrawn at any time up to the commencement of the Workshop or Seminar.  Sponsorship is not available to any Participant who has already enrolled into any event in 2020 or 2021 where they have paid in full.

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