Whether it’s about your self-relationship or your primary relationship, we are often asked what the benefits of our program are, so I sat down with one of our Creative Writing Team members, Ra, to have her answer some of those questions for you.


My relationship is pretty solid, what would we get from Real Relationships?

More tools and capacity to take it further and make it even stronger.


I’m single, is there any point in doing Real Relationships now?

Yes, to deal with unresolved issues from past relationships. To work on your own self-relationship which will determine your happiness in future relationships with others.


What topics does Real Relationships cover?

From communication to connection to everything in between.


Is Real Relationships like couple’s therapy?

Yes, in the sense that you work on aspects of the relationship with support and tools.


My partner refuses to do Real Relationships, should I do it alone?

Yes! Any improvement in your self-relationship is going to benefit your approach to your relationship and therefore have an impact on your partner.


What do men/women want?

What men and women want is pretty similar and yet they come at it from very different places and in very different ways. Due to…. well, do the Seminar to find out!


Why do I attract the same type of people repeatedly?

Because you are the same person going into each relationship with unconscious motivators. Another topic we delve into during the seminar.


What will I get out of Real Relationships?

A better relationship with yourself, your partner, your kids, family, colleagues, friends – everyone!


Real Relationships is a cutting edge Seminar that will change the way you interact with yourself and those around you. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone or on our social media pages, in addition to here. We look forward to supporting you on your Journey.



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