The Talking Stick – Volume Ten

In honour of our Real Woman 1 September workshop beginning today we are posting this message from a past Real Woman 1 participant right after she attended the workshop.
I have been searching for answers and reasons why I feel and act the way I do for years now. I had been going at self-development alone, reading books, meditating, exercising but all the while struggling to share my thoughts and trying to intellectualise my way through my own emotional roller coaster. In hindsight, I was so out of touch with how I was actually feeling about anything at all. I felt like I was chipping away at a massive stone boulder with a toothpick. The Real Woman workshop gave me the strength and the courage to pick up a sledgehammer and SMASH through layers of conditioning that I wasn’t even aware I had.

I feel like I have stepped into my skin for the first time in 31 years and I can finally start making what I really want to happen, happen. I have finally started to think about what I want for myself in this life…. What a gift!

I realise that I have an enormous amount of work ahead of me and I know the road ahead will be full of challenges but I also know that I know have a massive support network of truly inspiring, courageous, non-judgmental, nurturing people around me now, more than willing to catch me when I fall. Having that genuine support and an ability to fall apart is something I have never felt before and had no idea that I needed.

If Real Education has crossed your path, then it has found you for a reason. I truly believe that there is no one person alive on this planet today that wouldn’t benefit from a few days ‘up the Mountain’ with the Real Team.

I can’t wait to go back, to learn more, to contribute more, to do more, to love more and to be ME, more! I can proudly say that my life has changed for the absolute better, forever.


Real Sister, Sarah

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