Real 3

What a phenomenal experience!  I have been searching for answers about my true self for a very long time, trying to understand why certain situations in my life happen and how to completely love myself unconditionally.

Well, I got my answers and then some.

I now have such immense understanding and gratitude that everything I have experienced in my life has happened for me, to bring me to exactly where I am today. I learnt how to genially and lovingly be in my own body and mind.  I discovered why I had uncertainty about my choices and actions.

I was also able to give back the emotions; beliefs and conditioning that were not mine to hold onto.

I am not the same woman I was going to the mountain; this experience has truly impacted me in so many beautiful ways. I have come back with profound SELF LOVE and a true deep feeling of INNER PEACE.  I no longer have that constant background chatter of self-judgement and criticism, I see really clearly now how I have been holding MYSELF, hostage, all these years and I now have the love, compassion and greater understanding of myself to seek to understand not judge. To move forward with clear, authentic certainty that I AM truly on my SOUL’S PURPOSE JOURNEY.

Thank you for shining the light so that I could finally see into me.

Love and Gratitude

Deb Lobendahn

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