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I’ve personally witnessed the transformation that happens to the men and women with guts enough to get in touch with the best possible version of themselves through these workshops. I can only say ‘Do it! It’s absolutely worth it, your life will never be the same.’ It’s been the most incredible experience of my life & I encourage everyone struggling with something in their life to do it! It’s helped me get off anti-depressants, recover from the anxiety that’s been part of my life forever, redesign formerly destructive family relationships, deepened friendships old & new and finally REALLY get over my miscarriages. Working on dealing with a severely messed up relationship breakdown and figuring out who I want to be for ME! It’s a journey but this is your rocket that will get you among the stars.

-Kirsten Walpole

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    Real Education began with our first ever Workshop – Real Man, in 1996. Since then, we have grown and prospered and now we deliver a wide variety of Personal Development Workshops, etc...
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