The Stillness of Time

This is a meditation for sitting down and finding the silence in between things.

So to start, sit in a chair, legs uncrossed, you could be anywhere, on a couch, as a passenger in a car or you could be at work and you need to take a break.

Put your feet firmly on the floor as if it’s the ground, place your hands loosely on top of your thighs and take a deep breath in… inhale and exhale without a pause. Try not to pause at the top of the breath, just move through it.

Feel the cold air rush in through your lungs then feel warm air rush out. Do this for several cycles.

Shift your awareness to your hands on your thighs, be aware of every finger resting on your thighs. You can feel the material of your clothing, the warmth of your leg underneath.

Move your awareness to your feet. You might be wearing shoes and socks or have bare feet, even if you’re not outside, feel your feet connecting with the Earth.

Breath into the awareness of your hands on your thighs, your feet touching the Earth. Ask your body to just let go.

Still your mind.

Thoughts will come but in between them you have stillness where there is nothing. Breath into the stillness. Let the thoughts come and let them go.

When the thoughts come gently go back to the stillness in between the thoughts and make your stillness quietness. Make the stillness bigger and longer, breath into it and all the rigours and challenges of the day become smaller and less until they disappear.

Keep breathing into the stillness and silence until you start to feel like you’re drifting into oneness. You will become aware of sounds around you as your hearing starts to tune in a lot better and your body starts to soften and everything around you becomes much softer and gentler.

This is about you starting to let go and enjoying the stillness of time.


Keep doing this for 5 minutes and you will learn how to do it for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

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