The Talking Stick – Volume Five

It’s three years since I faced one of my deepest fears and did Real Woman 1, a workshop I had been resisting for five years.

This was my status update the night before leaving:

“Tonight I sleep for the last time in my unawakened state, before heading to the mountain tomorrow to experience Real Woman 1. I have never been more terrified in my life but am looking forward to the journey with an open mind. I know there are many lessons for me, and I know that now is the perfect time for me to face the challenge, rise to the occasion, and emerge with a clearer understanding of my own identity. Fear has consumed me all week, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll leave the mountain on Sunday night wondering why I procrastinated for five years. Well … not much more to do except sleep, head to the mountain, and stand in my own power.”

And this was my status update after returning home:

“24 hours ago I walked away from the mountain with my heart full of love and the friendship of a new tribe of sisters who journeyed with me for three and a half intense, challenging, confronting and life changing days.
I thank every woman I went through this Rite of Passage with, for sharing their laughter, tears, joy, grief and authenticity. I thank the amazing crew whose support was compassionate and open-hearted.
I am grateful for the men’s presence also, it was truly beautiful to see a man hold a woman in pain and allow tears to run freely down his face without trying to hide. Murray, you are an exceptional facilitator and I thank you once again for guiding me even closer to my authentic self. I am proud to be part of the sisterhood of Real Education and I am proud of ME for finally doing this amazing workshop. Thank you, my courageous sisters!”

I can say with absolute certainty that this is THE most powerful, extraordinary workshop I have ever done (along with Real Woman 2). Fear ran me leading up to it, but since then, I’ve never been fearful of anything. The woman I was, with all my wounds and battle scars, is unrecognisable to the woman I’ve become, and I know I couldn’t have become who I am without having gone through this initiation.

It’s powerful, confronting, challenging, scary, magnificent, heart opening, liberating and so many other adjectives I can’t even think of right now.

If you’re feeling stuck; if you’re playing small; if you’re in a relationship that you instinctively know is no longer right for you; if you know your life could be more magnificent than it is; if you’re run by fear or have others controlling you; if you’re co-dependent; if you’re grieving; if anything … get yourself to Real Woman or Real Man, where Murray, Denise, and the Real Education team will take you on a journey towards your authentic self. I promise you it will be worth it.

Real Sister, Swami

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