Do you feel worthy enough to have an amazing life?

Some people feel unworthy of having their dreams come true. Some people feel unworthy of really going for a great idea, some people feel unworthy of success.
Did you know that more people are terrified of great success than of failing?

Because they feel unworthy.

They make sure that whatever success they have near or close to them, they push away because somewhere inside of them they don’t feel worthy, they don’t feel they deserve it and they want to just keep it away.
It’s quite sad to see so many talented, great people that believe they’re not worth having the life they want.
People are trained to feel unworthy through certain conditioning, it can be someone saying “think yourself lucky you’ve got that” or “you think you deserve that?” It starts off with these little pieces of languaging that go in from a very small age and as you mature you feel unworthy of great success.
In Real Life Design, we look at the areas of how you feel worthy, how you feel good enough and we work on those areas to set goals and ensure your goals are truly aligned with your values.
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